We became  designers, researchers, and strategists because of our deep passions and wide-ranging curiosity. But the grind of consulting left us little room to keep up with those very things that made us valuable resources.  Formerly colleagues at Jump Associates, we founded Jetpack to reclaim time to explore the world, for both our clients and ourselves.

Now, we split our time between deep client engagements and our other interestsrunning a retail business, brewing craft beer, creating rare garments, teaching design at Stanford, playing in an orchestra, and traveling the world. With time to explore and reflect, we believe our approach allows us to bring more of our experiences and ourselves to our practice.


Cathy Ahn

Cathy brings together expertise in business strategy, product design, and social research to define new growth opportunities for a range of clients, from Harley-Davidson to the San Diego Zoo. She spent six years at Jump Associates, creating go-to-market concepts, analyzing social issues, and defining new business models and market opportunities.

When not looking for new business opportunities for companies, Cathy runs a boutique fashion brand making womenswear and bridal gowns. 



Steve is an expert in defining disruptive products and strategies with clear points of view. An IDSA award-winning designer, he's designed products ranging from head-mounted displays to asthma treatment devices. In addition to design strengths, Steve has a unique ability to translate research insights into broad-ranging strategy, and is talented at working with engineers and designers to create focused and insightful products.

At Jump Associates, he led training on research and design strategy methods, in addition to leading projects. In his spare time, he brews beer and laments the lack of pizza in his gluten-free diet.